Who We Are

WKV, a renewable energy investment and development company in Sri Lanka, striving to optimally utilize the natural energy resources surrounding us through tactically positioned renewable energy projects, to generate electricity in an environmentally sustainable manner. Our commitment is to strike a clear balance amid economic and environmentally sustainability to pursuit our vision towards a greener future.

WKV, a pioneer in the renewable energy investment and development arena in Sri Lanka with an aim to optimize the utilization of abundant renewable sources to provide households with the much needed energy, via strategically placed renewable energy projects to supply green energy for the main grid. Through our efficient and quality approaches, we have been able to aid in fulfilling the energy needs of the country while safeguarding the environment and preserving natural resources for the future generation alongside rewarding our investors.

Our goal to offer renewable energy solutions has assisted us in generating and dispatching over 121GWh of electricity to the Ceylon Electricity Board, with a cumulative capacity of 43.4 MW. This in turn has facilitated us to reduce 300,000 metric tons of CO2 emission annually, steering us towards a greener today for a better tomorrow.


Total Capacity


Supply to the Ceylon Electricity Board

Mini Hydropower Plants

Our Projects

In our pursuit to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation, we have worked relentlessly to identify high-quality renewable energy projects that would bring many benefits including local community development apart from providing much-needed power. Today, WKV is the largest mini hydro power producer in Sri Lanka, with 13 run-of the river mini hydro power plants and a cumulative capacity of 43.4 MW, and had successfully taken our first step to venture into the production of Solar Energy, having awarded a project to develop a 10MWp photovoltaic (PV) power plant in Vakarai..

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Given our primary goal of producing environmentally sustainable energy in Sri Lanka, the economic and social well-being of the communities as well as the state of the environment surrounding our projects are an integral part of our business. Our commitment towards the welfare of the community has aided us to capture the trust of many, since we deliver what we promise. Driven by our purpose to improve the lives of the society surrounding our business,we had given a hand in building resilient and thriving communities through improvement of infrastructure. WKV has also played a role in providing economic and educational opportunities; one of our focal initiatives was to sponsor students to aid them in obtaining a better education. With the aim of nurturing resources for future generations, we also contribute towards the environment through tree plantation projects. Through all these initatives, we have been successful in building strong relationships amid communities based on mutual trust and passion towards a greener future.

Life at WKV Hydro Technics

We value every member of our team and believe that each of them are invaluable assets, without which we will be incomplete. Being a part of our team means that you will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Sri Lanka Power Sector. Our culture cultivates a learning environment through which employees can learn, develop and grow with the company. We welcome anyone who shares our passion and commitment towards sustainability clean energy future.

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